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NEUR 4914/5914 - Drug Development in Neuroscience
Spring 2020 (3 Credits)

Concepts in modern drug development for neurological disorders. The study of current approaches and pitfalls for developing therapeutics for treating disorders of the central nervous system. Theoretical issues and practical applications target identification, high-throughput screening, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, preclinical testing, clinical trials, and the FDA approval process.

Prerequisites: NEUR 3044 or NEUR 3914, or Graduate Standing


  • Syllabus and Course Outline

  • History of CNS Drug Development

  • Modern Drug Development Overview

  • Challenges Targeting CNS



  • Types of Potential Therapeutics

  • Techniques used in Drug Development

  • Target Identification

  • High-Throughput Drug Screening

  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics



  • FDA Approval Process

  • Preclinical Drug Testing (Phase 0)

  • Clinical Safety Testing (Phase 0-1)

  • Clinical Trials for Efficacy (Phase 2-3)

  • Postmarketing Surveillance (Phase 4)

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